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FLAI Srl, founded in 1964 is the leading Italian supplier of Stainless steel press plates used by the laminate industry. The plates are processed by chemically etching the stainless steel plates sometimes to depths of more than 500 micron and are also hard-chromed if required depending on the texture being processed. Thanks to the passion and commitment of its President Mr. Pio Tosatto, Flai continues to expand and satisfy the most diverse demands of the high-pressure laminates (HPL) as well as Melamine faced chipboard and MDF/HDF industry.

Flai offers more than 3,000 different finishes including special finishes like the popular glossy and those with super-matt effect. It is the only company able to produce high-gloss press plates which are free from polishing directional brush marks with a gloss level of 650/680 points on the press plate. The company has recently developed a special slanting surface finish, which requires special effort in terms of technology and creativity and also offers high-end synchronised press plates that make it possible to make synchronised patterns and textures which are used as in-register emboss for the laminate flooring industry.

With a maximum processing size of 6700 x 2500 mm FLAI is also able to rework used plates to their original finishes or transform them with new finishes.

Today, Flai’s market share has reached 80% of the Italian industry for HPL, chipboard and MDF; about 50% of the production is exported, primarily to the European and Asian markets.

In India Sidmark offers Flai plates in marketing partnership with Capricorn Press Plates, Singapore.

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