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Longoni Roberto e figli s.r.l. is an Italian company working in the field of components for the furniture and building industry, particularly plastic decorative laminates (HPL and CPL), particle boards, and panels coated with melamine papers or finish foils.

Longoni has recently entered into Joint venture with M/s. NTST, based in China, in order to produce and supply new Impregnation lines under technical design, supervision and guarantee by Longoni. The new drying ovens, mainly designed by Italian senior engineers with latest technology advances, reach great advantages in paper running stably, at a high speed, with low noise and good heat-insulation effect. The machines can be CE certified upon request.

The current product portfolio includes 1 and 2 steps impregnation lines up to 7' width, which are currently used for HPL, short cycle lamination and CPL production. The lines have advantages of easy operation, high level of automation, low consumption, high speed, homogeneous coating, high cutting precision, etc. The equipments are designed with the most modern technology, using PLC, Inverters and touch screens/controllers made by the most advanced companies such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron etc. and equipped with European origin parts like Schneider made relays / contactors / brakers / push bottons, SMC pneumatic parts, SEW Eurodrive motoreducers etc. Temperature control system adopts American HONEYWELL equipment, to minimize fluctuations of temperature in each drying oven.

Longoni offers impregnation lines from 4 feet to 7 feet and more:

  • One step Impregnation lines for kraft paper

  • One and two steps Impregnation lines for decorative paper & Overlay

  • Two steps Impregnation lines for finish foil

Associated machinery offered individually with easy synchronization to existing lines.

  • Coating units for finish foil or melamine

  • Turret unwanders

  • Rotary cutting units

  • Rewinding units

  • Additional ovens

  • Squeezing rollers

  • Auto pallet stacking for cut sheets

  • Automatic single and multiple laminates squaring lines

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