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Why do leading companies in India choose Kundig sanding machines? Because it’s more than just good sanding!


Good sanding is a pre-requisite for a high quality laminate, but the Kündig Swiss precision offers much more: High quality sanding with minimal core removal; High speed for better productivity; Longer sanding belt life; Low power consumption.

HPL Sanding Machine

The Kündig HPL – HP 1350 is a heavy duty widebelt sanding machine for high pressure laminates. The Kündig HPL – HP 1350 provides:

  • Regular chatterless surface
  • Perfect synchronization between all conveyor rollers and billy-roll – no adjustments required even after redressing

Plywood Sanding Machine

Kündig’s plywood sanding machine is Kündig’s answer to India’s unique sanding problems. With Kündig’s plywood sanding machine you won’t face problems of warped panels, thickness variation, overlapping and gore caps.
Some of the advantages of Kündig’s plywood sanding machine are:

  • Flat panel technology
  • Electronic, segmented sanding pad
  • Precision controlled sanding pressure
  • Variable feed speed
  • Custom sanding drum hardness
  • Easy to use
  • Custom built for Indian conditions

Lacquer Sanding Machine

The oblique sanding technique has been originally developed by Kündig AG for lacquer sanding. It is a process in which the sanding unit rotates slightly oblique to the feed belt. That way, especially in the highest quality range, better results are achieved.
Lacquer sanding machines:

  • Provide brilliant intermediate lacquer sanding for mirror gloss finish
  • Leave no oscillation traces
  • Create a better and more consistent sanding image
  • Are easy to handle – automated and manual options available