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PRESS PADS for LPL, Decorative Veneer & Shuttering Ply

Our technical engineers are on hand to recommend a press pad solution that’s the best fit for your unique requirements.

- Marathon Belting Ltd.

Sidmark in marketing partnership with M/s. Capricorn Press plates, Singapore offers high performance press pads for the laminate and decorative veneer industry manufactured by Heimbach Specialties AG, a leading manufacturer of technical textiles and Marathon Belting Ltd. U.K.

Marathon Belting Limited, a Heimbach group company, is the original inventor of Copsil Press pads using copper and silicon. Copsil pads have remarkable compensation and heat transfer facility.

Copsil™ Press Pads: Revolutionary Press Pads

  • The first to use silicone elastomer
  • Used for compensation purposes in short-cycle
  • lamination presses
  • The first press pads to use silicone elastomer in stead of traditional woven textile fibres
  • Innovative technology
  • Great performance

Copsil UltiMat™: Next-Gen Press Pads

  • Innovative ‘collapsible weft’ and modified silicone construction/elastomer
  • Improved compensation capability
  • Increased life cycle
  • More springiness
  • No loss of heat transfer
  • Greater resistance to volatiles emanating from lamination process

Thermax & Thermorapid: Press Pads of the Future

  • Available in different sizes and grammages
  • Optimum pressure compensation and long-lasting relaxation capacity
  • Short press cycles
  • Significantly higher heat storage, and uniform and accelerated heat transfer
  • Highest dimensional stability
  • Maximum resistance against dirt, abrasion and wear
  • Easy to clean
  • Maximum life time, pressing efficiency and production safety