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For some it's just paper. For us, it's a world full of solutions.

- Technocell Dekor


Our papers bring colour into your living room and work spaces.You are sure to find the most suitable solution with our vast range of products.

LPL and HPL Papers

  • High strength, rapid resin penetration
  • Variable resin absorption
  • Blue Wool Scale 6 lightfastness
  • Available in every possible colour combination
  • Furnishes with post forming feature

Technical Data: Basis weights: 50-150g/m2
Colour range: White, beige, brown, grey, black, intensive

Print Base Papers

  • High-quality surface
  • Produces first-class print results
  • Good ink absorption, fast ink drying
  • Good runnability on printing machines
  • Well-defined dimensional stability
  • Outstanding converting properties
  • Blue Wool Scale 6 lightfastness

Technical Data: Basis weights: 50-120g/m2
Colour range: White, beige, brown, grey, black, intensive

Exterior Grade Decor Papers

  • Made with selected Chromophoric pigments
  • Lightfastness of more than 7 on Blue Woolscale
  • Consistent product quality as per EN 438-2.27
  • Dependable weather resistance when combined with Polycondensation resins and UV protective coating/film.

Technical Data: Basis weights: 70-140g/m2
Colour range: Beige, Grey, Green, Blue

Inkjet-Compatible Decor Papers

  • Ideal for presenting high-resolution print quality for a broad range of inkjet printing systems
  • High-quality ink optimally used in conjunction with IJ-DEKOR® grades
  • IJ-DEKOR® paper retains impregnability, opacity, lightfastness and tempurature stability
  • Digital printing, combined with the properties of our pre-imppregnated papers. IJ-PRIP® offers a base for high-quality print designs
  • Reduced increase in width

Technical Data: Basis weights: 90-100g/m2
Colour range: White, beige, brown

Resin Saving Decor Papers

  • Cellulose fibres for our resin-saving RSP® have a special finish
  • Characterised by lower thickness swell
  • Savings of up to 25% compared with conventional decore paper during impregnation is possible
  • Colour, opacity, lightfastness(at least Blue Wool Scale 6) and technical properties remain constant
  • Reduced increase in width

Technical Data: Basis weights: 70-130g/m2
Colour range: White, beige, brown, grey

Backer Papers

  • Resource-conserving raw material composition
  • High-quality
  • Good impregnability and even tensile behaviour
  • Balance papers ideal for use as backer papers for laminate flooring or flooring or for backing wood-based panels

Technical Data: Basis weights: 60-140g/m2
Colour range: Brown

Pre-Impregnated Papers PRIP

  • Formaldehyde-free
  • High plybond strength
  • Good adhesion property
  • Excellent printability
  • Allows impermeable surfaces to be produced with small quantities of varnish

Basis weights: 40–120 g/m2
Colour range: White, Beige, Brown Grey, Black, Selected intensive colours

Paper Foils

  • Supplied with smooth or satin finish on one side
  • Satin paper have outstanding printability and runnability
  • Smooth paper for hi-spec applications
  • High degree of hornification for lacquered finish base to produces a homogenous surface quality in the final product

Technical Data: Basis weights: 50 – 130 g/m2
Colour range: White, Beige, Brown, Grey, Black, Selected intensive colours

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