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With 250 million hinges per year,
FGV is the leading hinge manufacturer in Europe.


Hinges are the most effective way of articulating a cabinet door. The FGV range covers all levels of requirement. For every hinge or mounting plate, it is possible to select the fixing system most suitable to the need: Selftapping and euro screw; Dowel, for industrial insertion ; Velofix and X-Pando dowel, to reduce assembly time.

MS Slide-On:

  • Made in Italy
  • Easy to use
  • Superior quality, performance and longevity
  • 80.000 cycles: Tested by Catas according to European Norms EN 15570 level 3
  • Covers all applications, including corner solutions
  • Compatible with SlowMotion Alfa and SlowMotion Delta add-on damper solutions

Integra Click:

  • FGV’s Integra range of soft closing hinges, available either with damper integrated in the arm, and without damper (as simple click hinge)
  • Offers a click type for easy and swift hinge-mounting plate connection
  • Adequate adjustment possibilities
  • 50.000 cycles: Tested according to European Norms EN 15570 level 3

Optima Click:

  • Top range hinge of the click family by FGV
  • 80.000 cycles: Tested by Catas according to European Norms EN 15570 level 3
  • Independent in-out adjustment through cam (+/- 2.5mm)
  • Unique functional features: SafeClick fast assembly and possible One-Step 3D adjustment (when hinge is combined with mounting plate in two parts, with cam for independent vertical adjustment)
  • Comes with a whole array of cup-fixing solutions
  • Keeps door movement under control and provides silent closing
  • Compatible with SlowMotion add-on damper solutions.