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Glues & Adhesives

An adhesive bond should be reliable
and last even under extreme conditions.


We are happy to offer you dispersion and hot melt adhesives for wood bonding processes by Follmann & Co., one of the fastest growing adhesives manufacturers in Europe. Here’s your chance to benefit from Follmann’s experience of over 30 years of producing adhesives, and choose technology and service that are ‘Made in Germany’.

FOLCO® LIT Dispersion Adhesives, Series D

  • Used for: Surface bonding, veneering, laminating, solid wood bonding, postforming, dowelling, assembly applications
  • D2, D3 and D4 quality adhesives are heat resistant and ensure reliable and durable end-products
  • Composed as single component systems that make for convenient application.
  • Low coating quantities and short processing time ensures cost-effective, optimized production
  • Modern formulations along with the non-hazardous labelling assure maximum safety and environmental sustainability

FOLCO® MELT Hot Melt Adhesives, Series EB – in EVA

  • Used for: Edgebanding, soft forming, wrapping, surface lamination and assembly applications
  • High initial strength permits fast processing times
  • Clean running properties guarantee products that require no re-working
  • High-heat resistance creates extremely durable end products
  • Excellent adhesion properties ensure reliable production process
  • Unique formulations enable bonding with laser quality
  • Modern production facilities increase thermo stability of the melt and guarantee resource-conserving production



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