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Sidmark in marketing partnership with M/s. Longoni Roberto e figli s.r.l offers anodised glossy aluminium foils with mirror like surface from the Almeco Group, and lacquer coloured brush-finish & matt aluminium foils from Aluminium Féron GmbH & Co. KG. Both ranges offer products that are unique, visually attractive and of high quality.

Mirror Foils

  • Brand: Almeco
  • Lightweight, flexible, resistant
  • Ranges with a mirror finish which softens light - from brilliant and bright to satin or light-softening brushed
  • Creates an almost diaphanous effect
  • Extraordinary workability of aluminium allows for an infinite range of textures
  • Gives each surface an original connotation
  • Exhibits exceptional durability
  • Environment friendly and completely recyclable
  • Applications: design to architecture, furniture to accessories, automotive to boating, and from cosmetics to the electrical and electronics industries

Brush Finish Aluminium Foils

  • Brand: Feron
  • Available in Silver, Copper, Gold, Stainless steel, Bronze
  • Individual colouring possible
  • Special finishing options
  • Available with or without scrub-resistant (SR) surface
  • Primer on backside
  • 80 µm thick foil plus coatings
  • Sheets and Reels: Max width of 1,650 mm

Matt Foils

  • Brand: Feron
  • 74 µm thick foil plus coating and back primer
  • Available as standard version in two different matt grades
  • Ideal for structural pressing
  • SR version available in matt silver
  • For vertical indoor use
  • Available in rolls and sheets up to max. width of 1,370 mm (standard surface) or 1,350 mm (SR version)
  • Suitable edgeband foil possible

Magnetic Board Foils

  • Brand: Feron
  • Practical and multi-functional
  • Exceptionally good magnetic adhesion
  • Low dead weight
  • Primer on both sides
  • Free choice of face-decor during HPL process
  • Manufacturing as sheets up to a max. width of 1,250 mm
  • 100 µm thick foil plus coatings
  • Applications: Whiteboards, children's room furniture, doors and wall cladding in conference rooms