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Cleaning Solutions

No more residues: With Bratek products,
you”ll spend 85% less time cleaning.

- Bratek

Bratek offers easy and convenient solutions to install spraying systems. Their special reagent liquids allow cleaning during ede banding of semi-finished panels.


  • Bratek products are trustworthy and can be used for finished and semi-finished products
  • Bratek’s reagent liquids are effective in removing hot melt glues lines
  • Use of Bratek cleaning solutions increases the precision of any systems of image for the quality control of edge-banding machines

Liquid Reagents for Automatic Cleaning

  • Release Agent
  • High Speed Release Agent
  • Anti-static Coolant
  • Anti-Adhesive Plus (Sliding Agent): Where there is a depressurize unit, use Bratek’s anti-adhesive plus/sliding agent (C 60476)

Cleaning Agent: Where there are nozzles spraying directly on panels, use Bratek’s cleaning agent (C 60566) The above can be used for both, PUR and hot melt adhesives, and are specific for panel cleaning.

Cleaners for use by Hand

  • Cleaning Agent for Pur Glue
  • Cleaning Agent for Hot Melt Glue Using BRATEK hand cleaners is very easy: Take a cloth, humidify it, and remove glue residues and dirt by simply rubbing it on panel surface.

Specific reagents for additional uses

  • Brushing unit cleaner - Concentrated extra-strong cleaning agent C 60496
  • Products for plastic panel saws - Coolant C 60523
  • Immersion cleaner for tools - Cleaning agent C 25199
  • Reagents also suitable for tools, finished products or other surfaces
  • Full range of standard discs, or special discs on request, with a metal core for longer operational life