Chemical Additives


We were formed to solve the binding, bonding and coating challenges of customers worldwide.


Münzing's complete range of specialty additives has achieved worldwide recognition for their performance, quality and technical innovation. Münzing has manufacturing plants in Germany, USA, Australia and Asia. This technology driven organization is committed to creating value with its complete range of specialty additives.

Release Agents
Our FENTAK MR series of release / levelling agents are required to ensure that the melamine resin does not stick to the press plates during the pressing process. The levelling agent is required to provide a smooth resin film on the paper free of surface defects such as fish eyes and dry spots.
Wetting Agents

Our FW series of wetting agents represent the latest technology in wetting agents and are free of nonyl phenol ethoxylates compounds. They speed up the wetting and penetration of resin particularly in low absorbency papers having dark colours or those with metallic links.

Plasticizers / Flow Promoter
Our plasticizer which is also a high-end flow promoter ensures that the resin flows in the impregnated paper even with low volatile content. This is essential for manufacturing high gloss laminates. The plasticizing property ensures that the impregnated paper remains flexible and does not break while handling leading to reduction in scrap of impregnated paper.
Catalysts / Hardeners

Our range of normal and latent hardeners for MF, UF and MUF resins are designed to speed up reactions to give the required degree of cure in a controlled manner.


Anti-Blocking Agents
Our anti-blocking agent is used to minimise the evaporation and absorption of the moisture of impregnated paper thereby preventing it from sticking to each other in highly humid conditions particularly during the monsoon.
Abrasive Dispersions
Our AD series of abrasive dispersions, to be added in MF resins, are used in the manufacture of abrasion resistant laminates.


Pigment Dispersions / Liquid Dyes
Our pigment dispersions and liquid dyes are UV stable and have a wide range of applications for various niche applications such as addition to phenolic resins for making compact laminates and shuttering boards, or in MF/UF/MUF resins by using our dispersion on light basis weight white papers to achieve an equivalent appearance of heavier basis weight paper.
Back Releases / Sodium Alginate Release
Used as an eco-friendly option to BOPP film, our back release ensures efficient release between two HPL layers without the use of any release film.


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